Jacobus van 't Hoff Lecture 2018

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'R&D challenges towards a sustainable hydrogen economy', lezing door prof. Hubert Gasteiger van de Technische Universität München.

Driven by global warming, the global community is seeking to expand and integrate renewable energy sources and to decarbonize the transportation sector. A possible path towards this goal is the use of hydrogen as energy carrier for temporary large-scale energy storage and for powering fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). Proton exchange membrane (PEM) based water electrolyzers and fuel cells are currently the most promising candidates for the generation of high-pressure hydrogen and for powering FCEVs. However, both technologies currently require excessive amounts of costly and supply-limited precious metals, which could restrict the large-scale implementation of PEM electrolyzers and fuel cells. This presentation will provide an analysis of their current development status and assess the various R&D strategies to develop sustainable, cost-efficient, and durable solutions for their large-scale commercialization.

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