Single-Use Event

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The ultimate networking event in the world of (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing, biotechnology and bioprocessing.

The Single-Use Event will mainly focus on technology development and product development in continuous bioprocessing, cell culture systems and microbial systems.

This event is unique for its combination of table-top presentations with innovative products and several high-profile speakers, both from the academic world as well as the industry. Enjoy presentations about the latest developments in single use by market leaders like GE Healthcare, PALL Biotech, Hamilton, Sartorius and Eppendorf.

Topics include USP, DSP, analytics in bioprocessing, data management, validation, service, standardization, QbD and flexible/multi-product facilities.

You are welcome to view, discuss and test new products, to network and to attend the speakers program. The meeting will be concluded with a networking event, including drinks and snacks.

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