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Internationaal congres over medische en maatschappelijke aspecten van slangenbeten, georganiseerd door Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

'Snakebite - from science to society' is a multidisciplinary event that aims to draw attention to a devastating, neglected tropical ‘disease’. Over 125,000 people die each year as a result of a venomous snakebite. The number of people with severe permanent disability is two to three times higher: about 450,000 new victims every year. The African and Asian rural areas are most affected.  

We want to stimulate finding solutions and international action by sharing and cocreate. The conference aims to brings together directors, scientists, researchers, engineers, logistics experts, designers, policy advisors and many more from medical, humanitarian, societal and technical fields to share and cocreate. Together we can make a real and lasting impact in the world.

You may not work with snakes, snake venom or in the field of medical care and first aid. But we still need your help. We do not organize a regular (scientific) conference. We are looking for experts students, researchers, entrepreneurs, policymakers and other professionals in areas such as data science, social sciences and behaviour, biodiversity and conservation, innovative technologies, policy making or education.

By exchanging knowledge, we can create solutions that have direct impact.

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