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PCR brochure for coronavirus workflows

Advertorial | woensdag 8 april 2020

Are you testing or researching COVID-19?  Download Gilson’s PCR brochure for coronavirus workflows.

Gilson has consolidated tools, technology, services and resources to help scientists ramp up testing capabilities or study the SARS-COV-2 virus. Their new PCR FOCUS Fluid News Brochure highlights their world-renown manual and automated sample prep technologies suitable for COVID-19 diagnostics and research.   For such situations when protection, speed of analysis, reliability and traceability are paramount, Gilsons range of lab equipment and instruments can deliver verifiable data and confidence in results. 

Gilson’s COVID workflow solutions include:

  • PIPETMAN Pipettes: From starter kits, the ergonomic PIPETMAN L through to PIPETMAN M Connected Bluetooth-enabled pipettes, Gilson pipettes are trusted for accuracy and precision.
  • PLATEMASTER: PCR/qPCR 96- and 384- well plate setup made easy. Minimises errors and increases reproducibility and productivity.
  • PIPETMAX: Improve the number of samples you can process in parallel while ensuring sample prep accuracy with the most accurate automated platform for PCR/qPCR prep, ELISA Prep and all tip-based prep; all on the same platform. Download “PIPETMAX for automation of RT-qPCR detection of SARS-COV-2”.
  • MICROMAN E and capillary piston (CP) tips: Get absolute accuracy and protection from cross-contamination using positive displacement technology, ideal when dealing with infectious, radiolabeled and non-aqueous solutions.
  • PIPETMAN® DIAMOND Filter Tips: Free from contaminants, sterilised filter tips protect the sample and protect the pipette against contamination.

Download the PCR Focus Fluid News Brochure and see how Gilson is Supporting the fight against COVID-19